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Snowball Promo is a popular book marketing company that offers services ranging from book promotion to author marketing.
We’ve all heard the recommendations authors are supposed to follow to attract new readers, but because every author does them the reading public become immune, desensitised to the endless self-promotion making it pointless and a waste of your time. So now you need to stay ahead of the curve, find new ways that work, and all before other authors wise up and follow the trend. That’s why we don’t list our constantly evolving package details on our website, visible to just anyone, and why we only ever work with a small, select number of authors at any time.
Our dedicated team of professional book marketers and promoters here at Snowball have extensive experience working in many areas across the literary world in the U.S., U.K., and globally. Through our collective knowledge we are able to provide book promotion services that make a real difference and help authors and books become established, and move progressively forward to new levels of success.
Reach out today and find out how our team can help propel your literary career and achieve book sales at a level like never before.
Email Amy at info@snowballpromo.com

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