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Authors represented by major publishing houses have access to almost limitless marketing funds, and many books that really aren’t that good go on and sell millions of copies. As frustrating as that is, there is a way of competing, and that is what Snowball Book Promotions specialise in.
The Snowball Effect. That is what we aim for, and it’s something real, attainable, and the perfect way for an author to sell a lot more books and even break into the mainstream literature market and become a household name.
Effective exposure to exactly the type of reader that will be interested in your book is where we begin. Getting your book highlighted in a vibrant and positive way, in a number of different but equally effective places, and also make sure it keeps popping up under their noses while they browse for other books is a major step to securing a new reader. Maybe once or twice they don’t pay much attention, but then curiosity gets the better of them and they click through to read some of your reader reviews. This is the next place we can help.
We liaise with an extensive list of readers with preferences in all kinds of fiction and non-fiction, so no matter how niche your book is we have access to bookworms that want to read and review.
So now your new prospective reader has their curiosity piqued, they read some reviews and decide to purchase themselves. Now what? Well by our effective exposure to target exactly the right type of reader it dramatically increases the likelihood that reader will not only love your book, but also go on and then review themselves.
So now you have new readers buying and reviewing your book on their own, but that needs to continue to maintain momentum and speed up the Snowball Effect so that big things begin happening for you. So does that mean you have to keep paying for book marketing & promotion services so that your exposure doesn’t vanish? No! Once the work we do is in place it remains in place so that exposure to new prospective readers goes on and on for months and years to come. Billboard adds, Twitter blasts, limited time discounts, they are all of minimal effect (often a lot less than minimal) and none of them have the long term benefit to your career like the services we provide at Snowball.
So you’re wondering about specifics? Yes, and so are many of our competitors who also read this website, so I’m sure you’ll understand us playing some of our cards close to our chest.
Email me (Amy) today and I’ll send you details of our current, highly discounted, Christmas Promotional Packages and see how you can take steps to get the Snowball Effect working for you!

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