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John Ruskin once said, “A book worth reading is worth buying”. As a book promotion company, Snowball Promo provides the most widespread and ongoing exposure for the books of authors we represent.
The combined rate of self and traditionally published titles has exploded over recent years (growth of over 375%) and the already oversaturated marketplace cannot absorb all of these titles. Long gone is the time where all an author had to do was write one book and then move on to the next. Ever more often publishers expect an author to do the brunt, if not all of, their own promotion, and in an ever-changing and ever more complicated field, finding competent and professional book promotional assistance is a must.

Self-promotion – Is it Worth?

Apart from making many authors feel uncomfortable, maybe even big-headed for flaunting their wares, self-promotion is the least effective method for getting your book noticed. Readers these days grow tired of having an ever expanding tide of authors thrust books upon them wanting to be discovered. This approach can be invasive, annoying, and can potentially herald negative results with some readers even writing negative reviews for books they haven’t read just to get back at aggressively forward authors.

So what’s the solution?

In the ever-changing and evolving world of book promotion mastering digital channels for sales is essential. Although because of the speed of change and complexity this is a full-time job in itself, and not something an author can keep on top of as well as writing further books. And let’s face it, all good authors are better served spending as much time as possible writing their next masterpiece.
As a book marketing company we can get your book the recognition and attention it deserves. Reach out today and find out how our team can use the Snowball Effect to help propel your literary career and achieve book sales at a level like never before.
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Whether it’s author marketing or book promotion, you can rest assured you’re in competent and professional hands.

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